Amy Syvrud

Amy is an international water policy expert with on-the-ground experience in Australia, New Zealand, the USA and numerous countries throughout Europe. As a Master of Science in Integrated Water Management and a Bachelor of Arts in Public Policy and Leadership, Amy has developed a holistic, interdisciplinary, and whole-of-water-cycle approach to water management. Her passion for discovering and implementing effective, efficient and equitable water management solutions makes her committed and sincerely dedicated to her work.

With strong interpersonal communication skills, a cross-cultural awareness, and extensive experience delivering presentations, reports and policy documents for a range of audiences, Amy knows how to frame arguments and engage meaningfully and persuasively with various stakeholders.

Amy is an experienced researcher, team leader, and policy analyst. Prior to joining Aither, she worked within the Global Freshwater Team of The Nature Conservancy, a leading international conservation organisation, investigating the potential to use water markets to advance environmental restoration and provide improved water access to underprivileged communities. She has collaborated on initiatives in water policy reform, water markets, water security and climate resilience with the United States Department of State, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO), the Rockefeller Foundation, the Global Energy Network Institute, and other international agencies.

Amy has received multiple scholarships for her studies and was awarded High Distinction on her Master’s Thesis where she evaluated the applicability and feasibility of implementing water markets in response to water insecurity in Canterbury, New Zealand, following a framework designed by a panel of Australian water experts.

With unparalleled enthusiasm and positivity, and versatile interests and skills, Amy can adapt to any situation, solve complex problems as they arise and find the most optimal path forward. Diligent, determined and highly motivated, you can count on Amy to take on any task and deliver outstanding results.


  • Master of Science (Integrated Water Management) (Dean’s Commendation), International WaterCentre
  • Bachelor of Arts (Public Policy and Leadership), University of Virginia

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