Laura Venables

Laura is a highly driven consultant with a passion for progressive environmental management and policy. She has pursued her interest in environmental sustainability and awareness as a public issue through her studies and early professional positions. As a recent International Studies graduate, Laura possess highly developed research and analysis skills which she has developed through internships and academic research projects in social development industry.

Whilst at university Laura developed knowledge across a broad range of environmental and social systems. Her studies included investigations into diverse areas such as indigenous people and the environment, sustainable futures and the future of farming. Laura also undertook a major independent research project on media responses to the introduction and revocation of the Climate Tax in Australia. Laura has assessed stakeholder engagement in resource management and has particular experience in the impacts of policy on stakeholder engagement.

Before joining Aither, Laura undertook a research internship at High Resolves, where she researched and created succinct documents on a range of topics including a briefing paper on Behavioural Economics and a metadata analysis on Global Citizenship education frameworks. Through the Victorian Chamber Internship Program, Laura was also responsible for producing a feasibility report of implementing a volunteer program for Community Housing Ltd. Laura has worked alongside both corporate and non-for-profit sectors and has experience coordinating with a diverse array of stakeholders to produce valuable research and insights.

Laura’s diligent and critical approach to her work enables her to provide support across all project stages and work on diverse subject matters.


  • Bachelor of Arts (International Studies), RMIT University

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