Martijn Gough

Martijn Gough is a public policy expert that brings a logical, problem solving approach to policy development, analysis and evaluation.

Martijn’s strengths as a consultant are derived from his ability to apply economic frameworks to policy problems and translate complex issues into concise and relevant stories. This is complemented by his in-depth knowledge of local and state government policy processes and understanding of the practical and political demands facing departments and agencies.

Over his 10-year career, Martijn has built extensive knowledge of the climate change adaptation, emergency management and water sectors. He has also attained a deep understanding of the challenges each sector faces in developing good governance processes and achieving policy outcomes.

Before joining Aither, Martijn managed emergency management and water policy at the Municipal Association of Victoria. This experience has given him a unique insight into the strengths, capability and decision making processes of local government. He also gained an international perspective from his previous role at the United Nations Development Programme in Bangkok where he led a number of adaptation projects in the Maldives and Nepal that aimed to reduce the consequences of climate change on local communities.

Martijn’s early career was spent at the Victorian Department of Treasury and Finance where he honed his skills as an economist and developed his first-principles approach to policy analysis.

Analytical, inquisitive and logical, Martijn is known for his ability to ask the right questions and deliver the answers you require.


  • Bachelor of Commerce (Economics), Monash University
  • Bachelor of Arts (Human Geography), Monash University

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