Sarah Leck

Sarah has more than 4 years’ experience in undertaking economic evaluations and cost benefit analysis, with a focus on environmental and climate change policies. With an MSc in Development Economics and an undergraduate dual honours degree in Economics and Geography, Sarah has always used a multidisciplinary approach to economic analysis and policy development.

Prior to joining Aither in April 2017, Sarah worked across a range of Departments within the UK Government Economics Service, including the Committee on Climate Change and the Department of Energy and Climate.

Whilst working in the Government Economics Service Sarah worked on multiple CBAs, applying best practise in modelling techniques and economic appraisal. Sarah was also responsible for developing several innovative Excel modelling tools, delivering consistent replicable results with a focus on usability for non-specialists.


  • Master of Science (Development Economics and Policy), University of Sheffield
  • Bachelor of Arts (Economics and Geography), University of Sheffield

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