Our team has a leading mix of economics, policy and strategy expertise. We deliberately exchange ideas between different areas of our business, and use our multi-disciplinary thinking to deliver flexible and innovative solutions to the challenges and opportunities you face.

This means that when you work with us, you get access to the very best information and insights for making business and public policy decisions that deliver sustainable and responsible growth.

Because we combine technical and applied expertise, we can remain involved throughout the entire life of a project. Our involvement will typically include a mix of strategic planning, economic analysis, modelling, policy design, stakeholder engagement, implementation, communication and review.

Wherever you are in the policy or investment decision-making cycle, we can meet you there.

Market design and analysis

Investment advice

Cost benefit analysis

Cost effectiveness analysis

Financial analysis

Business cases

Non-market valuation

Damage assessments

Pricing models

Cost sharing arrangements

Socio-economic impact assessments

Policy design, analysis and review

Policy reform

Program evaluation

Public sector governance

Best-practice regulation

Policy research


Strategic planning

Risk management

Monitoring, evaluation and reporting

Stakeholder engagement


Workshop facilitation



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