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Alex is deeply passionate about leveraging his knowledge of economic theory to solve real-world problems and improve decision-making processes.

Demonstrating a keen eye for detail, he has specialised in the delivery of rigorous cost-benefit analyses, regulatory reviews, and economic impact assessments through the application of best-practice modelling techniques. As a Senior Consultant at Aither, Alex is integrated into a wide range of business areas including economic modelling and business case development/advisory.

Alex’s theoretical knowledge of economics was honed during his academic studies. He was awarded an M.Sc. and B.A. in economics from the University of Dublin, Trinity College in Ireland in 2015 and 2014 respectively. Prior to joining Aither, Alex gained focused professional experience working as an economist for three years at Indecon International Economic Consultants.

Alex considers working in the advisory space highly rewarding, which supports his desire to contribute to the valuable work Aither does. This desire is reinforced by the shared values of the Aither team.


Master of Science in Economics
University of Dublin, Trinity College
Bachelor of Arts in Economics (First Class Honours)
University of Dublin, Trinity College