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Anthony is a specialist in mathematical and statistical modelling, using technology to create powerful solutions.

At Aither, Anthony plays a lead role in driving the application of modern quantitative techniques, cloud computing and interactive visualisations to develop innovative decision-making support tools. This is supported by cutting-edge quantitative modelling and the flexibility to accommodate different degrees of complexity and changing needs. This approach to decision-making provides clients with confidence and clarity.

Prior to joining Aither, Anthony studied a Master of Science (Physics) at the University of Melbourne, where he conducted research in galaxy cluster cosmology, to better understand the fundamental properties of the universe. As part of his research, Anthony contributed to research efforts of the South Pole Telescope Collaboration, analysing telescope and satellite data and developing and running statistical and simulation models on supercomputers.

Anthony is genuine and approachable and enjoys sharing his passion for problem-solving to help clients better understand and overcome their problems.