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Stefanie is a strategic thinker with a background in economics and law and an in-depth understanding of Australia’s rural water policy and regulatory reform initiated through the National Water Initiative, the Water Act and the Basin Plan.

Stefanie has extensive experience in Australia’s regional water resource policy and planning processes, water regulation and water markets. She has worked on important State and Federal rural water reform processes, including the Basin Plan.

Stefanie joined Aither after a distinguished career as Policy Manager at the NSWIC. In this role, she was heavily involved in water resource management and policy reform as well as agricultural industry development.

Stefanie thrives on working collaboratively with clients to understand their issues and develop practical and achievable solutions that stand the test of time. Approachable and open, Stefanie has her ear to the ground on the most up-to-date policy and regulatory changes in the Murray-Darling Basin.


Master of Global Law
University of Sydney
Master of Economics
University of Adelaide
Master of Applied Economics
University of Adelaide
Bachelor of Economics
University of Adelaide