Climate change is leading to severe rainfall, rising sea levels, extreme heat, intense bushfires and uncertain weather patterns. In addition, population growth and increased urbanisation along the coastline and surrounding our cities means more communities and infrastructure are exposed to climate change and natural disaster risk.

We help our clients navigate complex policy and investment problems in the face of future uncertainty. Using deep sector knowledge and robust economic frameworks we provide decision-makers with the information and confidence required to make sound investments of the right scale at the right time.


  • Economic appraisal We are experts at quantifying the full range of costs and benefits and incorporating uncertainty into our analysis, giving decision-makers confidence in their investment decisions
  • Policy analysis and design Aither uses economic frameworks to draw clear links across policy, incentives, actions and outcomes. Combined with our understanding of government policy processes we know how to design policy that works
  • Strategy development We work collaboratively to assist clients to articulate clear goals and the tangible and realistic pathways required to achieve those goals
  • Evaluation and reviews We have a proven approach to undertaking performance evaluation and reviews to support adaptative management and communicate success
  • Facilitation and stakeholder engagement We design and facilitate collaborative stakeholder engagement processes, from large multi-day workshops to one-on-one stakeholder interviews

Selected project experience

Sunshine Coast Council Maroochydore beach adaptation study

Aither, with project partners BMT, were engaged to undertake a study of the existing approved, trigger-based Maroochydore Beach management strategy and future adaptation options. As part of this study, we applied an integrated coastal processes and economic model to explore the projected change in risk profile and the optimal time and scale of investment in risk mitigation options. This provided an economically sound approach for identifying trigger points for investment in management options, such as undertaking beach nourishment and seawall construction. The assessment was also able to demonstrate the value of options to internal stakeholders and the community. Sunshine Coast Council, 2018.

Yarra Strategic Plan Decision-making Framework

Melbourne Water is developing the Yarra Strategic Plan to guide future use and development of land along the Yarra River and identify areas for protection. It will provide an overarching framework for coordinating management of the Yarra River corridor to realise the community vision for the river. Aither has been engaged to develop a decision-making framework for assessing individual projects and initiatives to ensure consistent and robust decision-making across the wide range of responsible agencies. The project involves a significant consultation component with local and state government and Wurundjeri representatives. Martijn is leading the development of the framework as well as stakeholder consultation. Melbourne Water, 2018.

Funding models for public open space

Aither was engaged to identifies opportunities to improve public open space outcomes through better use of current funding models or application of new funding models. Aither investigation included recommending amendments to the operation and management of existing models, as well as alternative approaches or models where specific gaps or issues exist.

Seychelles coral reef restoration

The World Bank has engaged Aither, as part of a multidisciplinary team, to develop a cost-benefit analysis and financing strategies for the coral reef restoration in Seychelles. Aither’s role includes the identification of likely beneficiaries, possible business models and financing strategies involving public and private sources of capital, and a high-level business case for coral reef restoration options.